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ProRehab Accident Consulting Lawyer Network:

At Pro-Rehab our team is dedicated to providing excellence in injury case management for our patients. We treat our patients for many conditions resulting from car accidents, work place injuries, sports injuries and more and can assist you in finding the right lawyer for your personal injury case.

If you have suffered an injury due to an accident:

If you have suffered an injury from an accident at work or on the road, contact one of ProRehab's accident consultants immediately so we can put you in tough with one of our personal injury attorney's. You most likely will need to receive some form of physical rehabilitation and/or medical treatment that should not be put off. Every day that your accident claim is put off potentially jeopardizes your ability to receive the maximum settlement for your claim and further puts your ability to get back to your healthiest state at risk.

In some cases, you may have suffered an injury from an accident but may not be feeling the real effects of your injuries. Even if you think you may not have suffered an injury, you should contact ProRehab for a FREE evaluation. It is better to have peace of mind after an accident than to realize too late.

ProRehab legal case management services:

  • FREE Evaluation - ProRehab will meet with you and do a preliminary health evaluation to determine if you need to see one of our medical professionals for a full diagnosis
  • Medical Diagnosis - if ProRehab finds that you are in need of a full medical diagnosis, we will coordinate a meeting with one of our medical professionals that specializes in your injury.
  • Expert case management - We work alongside other medical providers and personal injury legal experts such as orthopedic/neurosurgeons, MRI facilities, personal injury lawyers and psychiatrists.
  • Great support - We understand the value of your time. It is always easy to speak to the doctor and get timely medical records.

Contact ProRehab today and speak with one of our accident case consultants to start getting your health back and your case in good hands.

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