Physician Injury Case Management


ProRehab Physician Network

Physician Injury Case Management

ProRehab Medical Network:

ProRehab has a professionally licensed team and is Workers Compensation Certified in the State of Delaware. In addition to our in-house staff, ProRehab interviews and vets law firms in Delaware to build a network of physicians that are specialized in accident cases. ProRehab has over ten locations throughout Delaware requiring a network of physicians that are conveniently located to our clients. Additionally, we rely on our medical network to provide our clients with trusted partners that are specialized in personal injury and workers compensation claims.

How we work with your doctor:

ProRehab has experience working with personal injury and workplace injury cases. We not only manage your accident rehabilitation, but we also work in tandem with the attorney to document and provide everything needed to get you the maximum settlement for your injury.

ProRehab case management services:

  • Client care - We are a Team of Specialists That You Can Trust. Your Client's Rehabilitation Needs Come First
  • Detailed reporting - We provide detailed comprehensive reports to make your case close smoothly.
  • Expert case management - We work alongside other medical providers such as orthopedic/neurosurgeons, MRI facilities, and psychiatrists.
  • Great support - We understand the value of your time. It is always easy to speak to the doctor and get timely medical records.

Contact ProRehab today and speak with one of our accident case consultants to start getting your health back and your case in good hands.

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