Auto Injury Pain Specialist

Delaware auto accidents have increased in number in the past couple of years, meaning more people are suffering from auto injuries. If you or a family member were in an accident, Dr. Sheehan, Dr. Stoessel and their highly skilled team at Pro Rehab Chiropractic can help alleviate your pain, naturally. At their 5 locations in northern Delaware, they offer the latest rehabilitation technology and therapies along with comprehensive auto injury services so you can focus on recovery while they work with insurance companies and attorneys on your behalf. Call the office closest to you or schedule online.

Auto Injury Q & A

How can a chiropractic team help me after an auto injury?

If you were involved in a motorcycle or auto accident, injuries can surface weeks or months afterward. Even if it was just a fender bender, the skilled rehabilitation team recommends you contact the office closest to you for a free medical evaluation.

If one of the doctors discovers an underlying condition that can lead to pain, they’ll help you manage your auto injury with the comprehensive rehabilitation services Pro Rehab Chiropractic offers. The sooner you seek treatment, the healthier you’ll be in the long run.

What types of auto injuries respond well to rehabilitation?

The experienced team treats all types of auto injuries and offers accident consulting services to help relieve the stress of finding legal council, recouping medical expenses, and recovering from an injury. The most common auto injuries the team at Pro Rehab handles, include:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck and back pain
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Herniated discs
  • Dislocated discs
  • Ligament and tendon tears
  • Broken bones
  • Muscle strains and sprains
  • Contusions
  • Headaches

The team of qualified chiropractors and health care professionals takes an individualized, whole-person approach to helping you heal from your auto injury. If you have pain, joint stiffness, or loss of mobility in your legs, arms, back, or neck, the sooner you come to one of the 5 Pro Rehab locations around northern Delaware, the sooner you’ll receive top-notch medical treatment to help restore your body to optimal health.

What is the rehabilitation procedure after my auto injury?

Pro Rehab’s complete accident consulting services include a case assessment and health diagnosis to determine your medical needs. Next, the team consults with their medical providers so they can offer the specific treatments and rehabilitation you need to heal your injury and reduce painful symptoms. Their auto accident services also include legal advice and an ongoing injury rehabilitation program to help restore mobility in the weeks and months following your auto accident.

During the entire medical, legal, and rehabilitation process, the auto injury experts at Pro Rehab work together with you and your insurance provider to ensure that you’re receiving all the benefits you’re entitled to, so you can focus on recovery, rather than on legal and financial concerns.

For the best rehabilitation from auto injuries in northern Delaware, call the office closest to you or use the convenient online booking tool to schedule an appointment.