Step 1: Get medical attention

Odds are your accident was severe enough for you to seek out ProRehab for accident consulting and accident rehabilitation.  If you have not been to the ER at the time of the accident and you are experiencing pain, you should contact us immediately so we can help assess and assist you in getting to the correct medical professional to diagnose your situation.

Step 2: Reviewing your accident

Many lists of “what to do”, if you are in an accident, that list item that should have been done at the scene.  The list consists of; calling 911 and (if an auto accident) keeping a safe distance from traffic, exchanging information with the other driver, taking photos or videos of the scene, listening for admission of guilt, and gathering witness statements.  The reality is that these items are last on your list of things to do if you have been an accident at work or on the road.

Now would be the time to reflect on the accident and situation and write down everything you remember as details fade the further you get from the date of your accident.

Step 3: Get the facts

If the police were on the scene of your accident there will be an accident report filled out on your incident.  Within a week of the accident, a report will be available for you to be able to receive.  The report will include diagrams of the accident, details of the incident and information on the police officer’s opinion of fault.  You should contact the Police Department that has you incident on file and requests a copy for your records.

Step 4: Choosing an attorney and your rehabilitation services

We have 5 offices throughout Delaware and have a network of top medical professionals that can assist in handling your particular situation.  ProRehab works with all major insurance companies so your rehabilitation services should be covered and if they aren’t we can work with you to get you the rehabilitation services you need.

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