Dr. James Sheehan
Dr. James Sheehan
Dr. Sheehan has been practicing in Delaware and Pennsylvania for the last 20 years. He has had the opportunity to treat difficult cases by working hand-in-hand with area medical doctors.

After completing his doctorate at Life University in Georgia, at the world’s largest Chiropractic school, he returned to help clients in his home state of Delaware. He attended Salesianum High School and the University of Delaware.

​Dr. Sheehan has treated world renowned athletes, Andy Roddick, Billy Jean King, Venus Williams and local celebrity commentator Derrick Gunn. He was the staff chiropractor for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and was able to help star Ty Pennington with his back pain.

​He was integral in bringing the most technologically advanced equipment in the world to Delaware for treatment of neck and back pain and injuries from AUTO and WORK ACCIDENTS. He was voted Delaware’s Best Chiropractor by the News Journal multiple times. He resides in Wilmington with his wife Gerry, his son Dean and daughter Keira.

Dr. Nicole Stoessel
Dr. Nicole Stoessel
Nicole Stoessel is a Delaware native. She attended Neumann College where she received her bachelor’s in nursing degree. She received her doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, New York.

Dr. Stoessel has attended many continuing education seminars focusing on a specialized therapeutic technique called Craniosacral therapy. Dr. Stoessel specializes in conservatively treating migraine headaches, neck and arm pain, low back and leg pain, acute and chronic injuries, motor vehicle accidents and work related injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

​She utilizes her Chiropractic and medical expertise to give each patient the most individualized care possible. She understands the importance of integrating both healthcare worlds to treat each patient as a whole person for the most success. She works closely with the medical community and believes chiropractic and medicine offer patients complimentary care for all conditions.


At Pro-Rehab our team is dedicated to providing excellence in injury rehabilitation treatments and pain relief for our patients. We treat our patients for many conditions and injuries resulting from car accidents, whiplash, work place injuries and sports injuries and more in Delaware. We develop effective treatment plans for our patients, and not only do we alleviate their pain, we fully assist them on their path back to health and recovery from headaches to neck and back pain issues. Our offices utilize the latest technologies in injury rehabilitation services to isolate problem areas faster and more accurately than traditional injury rehabilitation methods.

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