In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine life without a computer. In fact, most Americans spend more time in front of a screen than doing anything else. The average US adult spends over 11 hours a day glued to a screen. Not surprisingly, so much screen time isn’t good for your health.

At Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, with nine Delaware locations and winners of Delaware Today Magazine’s Best Chiropractors in Delaware, James Sheehan, DC, and our team of highly skilled providers are committed to helping you live the healthiest life possible.

We use the latest technologies and treatments to alleviate your symptoms as naturally as possible — including headache relief. Read on to learn more about the link between computer use and headaches and what you can do to find relief.

How are computer use and headaches linked?

If you’re like most Americans, you spend countless hours in front of a screen working, checking email and social media, surfing the internet, gaming, and more. All that screen time can trigger headaches, but for different reasons.


Some headaches are caused by eyestrain. Eyestrain related to screen use is called computer vision syndrome. While poor lighting, glare, or sitting the wrong distance from your screen can trigger headaches, the condition is often caused by uncorrected vision problems.

Poor posture

Poor posture and neck strain while sitting at the computer are even more highly associated with computer-related headaches. That’s because most of us hunch over our screens and desks while at work.

This poor posture puts additional strain on our neck and upper back, stretching the spinal cord and nerves out of their correct position for hours at a time. The result? A painful condition called tech neck.

And poor posture and tech neck don’t affect only your neck. The tension in your neck, shoulders, and upper back can lead to strain on your brainstem and nervous system. For many people, this can cause headaches and chronic migraines.

Is there help for computer-related headaches?

Yes! The good news is that computer-related headaches are treatable with the right care. First, it’s important to rule out any other underlying cause of your pain. One of our chiropractic providers identifies the root cause of your headaches to ensure you get the right care.

If your computer-related headaches are caused by poor posture, neck pain, or problems with the curve of your spine, we work with you to create a personalized treatment plan for your unique needs.

Our doctors at Pro Rehab use a holistic approach to care, helping you alleviate your discomfort and correct the underlying issue as naturally and effectively as possible. Your headache treatment plan may include some or all of the following:

  • Dietary changes
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Exercises to improve your posture
  • Gentle chiropractic adjustments
  • Physical therapy

If you’re ready to put an end to your computer-related headaches, the team at Pro Rehab can help. Call one of our convenient locations in Wilmington, Newark, Bear/Glasgow, Pike Creek, Christiana, Dover, or Lewes/Rehoboth, or book an appointment online now.

We also offer telehealth consultations to allow you to meet with us from the comfort and safety of your own home. Contact us for more information.

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