According to a study done by Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, only 7 percent of the 7 million American adults who could benefit from chiropractic care will ever visit a chiropractor. The reason why is because of the words, “snap,” “crack,” “pop” and “twist.” Let’s face it; if you are suffering from back pain, the thought of a doctor “cracking” your back is a scary prospect for many patients. Fortunately, for patients who are intimidated by the thought of manual manipulation by a chiropractor, there is a new computer-assisted technology called PulStar®. We use the PulStar® system at Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation as a means of doing spinal adjustments without any cracking, popping, twisting or even snapping!

What Is PulStar®?

PulStar® is a relatively new computerized system for analyzing spinal damage and making gentle, computer-assisted adjustments to the spine. The system utilizes a wand that looks similar to a tuning fork, which is connected to a computerized system. Here’s how a PulStar® treatment typically takes place:

The prongs of the PulStar® wand are placed along your spine. The device then sends an impulse, which you probably will not even feel, against the spine. In a concept that works similar to sonar, the device then reads the amount of resistance sent back against the impulse. The resistance is then displayed in a graphical form on the computer screen.

Using computerized analysis, the PulStar® will highlight problem areas in your spine, which are easy for you and the chiropractor to read. The wand is then placed on the precise area of your spine where the problem vertebrae is located. Precise “impulse” pressure is then applied with the wand.

Most patients report a dramatic reduction in back pain after just three or four adjustments.

Problems Treated With PulStar®

PulStar® is a safe and effective chiropractic treatment for patients of any age. Here are some of the problems that can be effectively treated and relieved with computerized assistance:

  • Back, neck, arm and leg pain Subluxations
  • Headaches
  • Restricted or painful joints and restricted motion Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle spasms

Advantages of PulStar®

It’s important to understand that PulStar® is an accompaniment to the full range of chiropractic and rehabilitative techniques that we use at Pro Rehab. We are confident that after you feel the results provided by the system, you will want to move on to traditional chiropractic treatments for even better long-term results. The main benefit of the PulStar® system is that it can introduce you to the world of chiropractic treatments without any of the cracking, popping or twisting that might otherwise intimidate a new patient.

Here are some of the main advantages that the PulStar® system can offer for treating your back pain:

Computerized Analysis: The advanced technology offered by PulStar® is like having a second opinion right there in front of you. Our doctors have great instincts for chiropractic medicine based on their years of experience, but PulStar® of ers an additional objective analysis of your spinal problems in an easy-to-understand, graphical form.

Computer-Assisted Adjustment: PulStar® of ers extremely precise and effective spinal adjustments. The system will recommend the exact lowest beneficial amount of impulse pressure needed to make adjustments. Then, that amount of impulse pressure is applied with the wand. The system can be set for adjustments as low as 5 pounds of pressure. It is a pain-free and hands-off form of chiropractic treatment.

Gentle: The three words patients use most often to describe a PulStar® treatment are gentle, precise and controlled. Have you ever had a doctor tell you, “This might hurt a little bit” — only to find that to be an understatement? You will never hear those words spoken about a PulStar® treatment because it is such a gentle means of chiropractic adjustment.

Fast Results: Most patients report experiencing a dramatic reduction in relief from their back pain after just three or four treatments.

Keep in mind that not every patient will experience immediate results (many will, but not all). It won’t be replacing traditional chiropractic methods any time soon. However, the PulStar® system has proven to be highly effective in many cases, and it could help you as well.

If you have been living with back pain for any reason and would like to know more about how the PulStar® system can help you find relief, contact us to get started.

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